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This website for a Canadian cord blood bank has two purposes: (1) to educate client prospects about the value of storing cord blood and (2) to automate aspects of the relationship with existing clients such as the payment of invoices. The project has been a big success – it has generated thousands of leads and has been an invaluable administrative tool. This website has consistently been well used and well visited.


Project at a Glance


New customers can register for cord blood storage and pay online. Existing customers can pay invoices

Events Calendar

A calendar of information can be easily updated by site administrators. Site visitors can register for events from within the calendar interface.

Comprehensive Branding

The site branding "has legs". The visual design has been extended offline into print channels and across sibling web properties

Engaged Community

An active community of parents reads, comments on and dicusses blog posts


Optimized for search engines and usability. The site attracts lots of traffic and has has high session durations.

Responsive Design

Designed for mobile, tablet, and screens of all sizes

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