Coffee Company Web and Email Marketing

Creative for this project was delivered within tight timelines because we used the right design process. Rather than mocking up high-fidelity creative compositions for a round one presentation, the ideation phase was simplified. Design approaches were illustrated using just pencil and paper.

CategoryEcommerce, Food, Beverage & Lifestyle

Year2012ServicesDesign, Art Direction

Three directions for a website & email program were:

  1. Around the world in 80 cups — each of the coffees framed as flavour destinations
  2. The Barista — hosted by an informed Barista tour guide
  3. Escape — a soft and steamy website drawing upon the insight that a cup of coffee can provide that relaxing break in the day

A well-written creative brief allowed the creative team to conduct well-informed brainstorming sessions, and to focus our initial time developing creative rationales rather than diving into visual design details.

Each of the three sketched approaches was supported by a mood board showing visual cues and inspiration. This allowed discussion during early client meetings to broadly consider a variety of design approaches without getting caught up in the details. At the same time, we were able to walk away with an understanding of our client’s comfort with very specific visual and thematic ideas.

With a clear understanding of the right approach and concept, we were in a position to focus our work during the next design phase. The client received layouts that were perfectly on tone and on message.

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