Investment Firm Website Design

This website for a Toronto-based investment firm needed to be best-in-class. It needed to reflect the attention to detail that the firm shows in each aspect of its operations.

Under the Hood

This is a “one page website” that feels much bigger. Using AJAX, content is loaded dynamically so that the navigation experience feels seamless and fluid.

The technical architecture is deceptively simple, and was built using Roots, Sage, and FullPage.js. The end result is a website that is corporate in tone, but with subtle design nuances that set it apart.


Year2018ServicesWeb Design, Wordpress Development

Project at a Glance

Custom Photography

Custom photography of the office space and investment team contributes to the bespoke design

Design is in the Details

Creative direction was developed from the ground up to articulate a brand voice that is "buttoned up" but not stuffy

One page website

Content is loaded dynamically in order to create a seamless navigation experience

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