Esports Team Websites

Esports are here to stay. Toronto-based “Call of Duty” team, Toronto Ultra, and Toronto-based “Overwatch” team, Toronto Defiant, have large and highly engaged fan bases. I led Toronto-based web agency LMA through the creation of a website for each team. We worked in partnership with the Overactive Media Group. These were fast moving projects. We needed to stay agile and to incorporate time sensitive content that changed almost daily.

IndustryEsportsYear2019ServicesDesign, Custom Wordpress Theme

Project at a Glance

Social Media Integration

Websites worked as hubs for a spectrum of social media channels

Custom Wordpress Theme

Developed a custom Wordpress theme and information design that could be "skinned" and branded for two different teams

Mailchimp Integration

Lead generation and list management handled through Mailchimp

Google Tag Manager

Analytics captured via google Tag Manager

Other Work

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